If you would like to donate to our ministry we would be blessed and humbled beyond words. We are trying to do a few things: 1) Music–regarding the current CD, we are looking for representation (publicist, agent, attorney, publisher, etc) to get our music out to radio stations and venues that can get it heard more than just locally. This, of course, requires time and expense for marketing materials etc. We are also hoping to travel all around the country (and, soon, beyond)  leading worship,  and playing outreaches and live shows. In addition we have new material ready to record and are hoping to get back into the studio soon.

All expensive undertakings indeed. We know that where God guides, God provides and we have full faith in Him to lead us where and when we need to go, to whom we need to speak, and what we need to do, AND to provide fully for all of that to happen.

The other reason for this donation page is to help with the cost of medications that insurance does not cover in dealing with our latest cancer, er, event. We have been going the natural food and supplement direction and…well, you know how insurance companies and the medical industry in general feels about natural treatments. We fully believe that God has put a cure/treatment on this earth for every ailment of this earth.

More than anything we humbly ask for your prayers for both the music ministry and health issues…this, we know, is the most powerful medicine in creation.

Thank you