Booking Information


One Came Down is available in different configurations for various types of engagements.

Worship for your church service.

Usually worship will be either George and Pamela or George, Pamela, and G. George; although the whole band (or any combination thereof) is available to lead worship if requested. We have also partnered with musicians from the worship team of the church we are leading at. Our goal is always to lead the congregation in worship of the Lord with as little distraction or attention on us as possible given the circumstances. We do all kinds of worship songs—contemporary, gospel, hymns, and original music.

A partial list of churches we have lead worship in: Calvary Chapel Grace Fellowship (Tuxedo, NY), Calvary Chapel Milford (Milford, PA), Calvary Chapel Goshen (Goshen, NY), Calvary Chapel Northern Valley (Bergenfield, NJ), First Baptist Church of Red Bank (Red Bank, NJ), Community Bible Church (Wawarsing, NY), Union Church (Lavalette, NJ), and others.

Special Music

We are sometimes asked to provide “special music” after worship—a few original songs usually—which we are, of course, happy to do!

Concerts / Outreaches / Testimony

The band is available for Concerts and Outreaches. We have also done special engagements at churches either the night of, or night before, worship where we will play (again, with the band or whatever combination is requested) and include some teaching, exhortation, and/or testimony.

Our desire, always, is first and foremost to praise and give all glory to God. Also, as we play at many venues with mixed (saved, unsaved, believers, searchers, seekers, non-believers etc.) crowds, our goal is to lift up our brothers and sisters in the Lord, and to plant as many seeds as possible with the rest! If we can help lead even one person to Christ the angels will indeed rejoice!

Songs for Worship

Another goal of ours is for worship teams all around the world to use our original music in their worship sets. The songs will be available through CCLI shortly, but, until then please email for charts of songs you might like to do. The songs are currently available for download, or just listening, on many outlets, such as: YouTube, CD BABY, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, etc. Or, let us know and we can send you a CD.
As previously mentioned, as requests for the songs come in, they will soon be available through CCLI and Song Select.

Songs on CD

Songs we do regularly for corporate worship include: You Are, Living Water, You Are Lord, Sacrificed (To Save Us), and In The Beginning God.

We have done others, but these seem to be the best suited for corporate worship. However, You Said, When You’re Down (You’ve Got To Look Up), Only Jesus Loves You More, and Hallelujah are great praise songs—all of which we have done in church.
Only You, I Hope You Like The Heat, and When You’re Down (You’ve Got To Look Up) are all geared more to outreach, concert, and evangelistic situations. When You’re Down works anywhere, I Hope You Like The Heat is a pull no punches cautionary tale, and Only You is…well, pretty clear.

Certainly feel free to contact Pastor Bill Penna at CC Grace Fellowship, Pastor Ed Pinero at CC Milford, or Pastor Walter Beuhler at Calvary Chapel Northern Valley for references or recommendations.

(See letters and contact info on “Referrals” page)

Thanks. We hope to hear from you soon.